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Welcome to the homepage of the English Section at Waseda University’s School of Political Science and Economics. The School is known throughout the university as “Seikei,” which comes from combining the first two syllables of the Japanese words for “politics” and “economics,”and is the longest-established school in Waseda, tracing its roots back to 1882. At that time, Waseda had a separate institute dealing with English instruction, but in an early reorganization of the university, the responsibility for teaching English was handed over to specialist staff with full-time posts in Seikei itself. That proud tradition lives on today in the hands of a dedicated staff of six full-time teachers and a large number of part-time teachers, many of whom are native speakers.

Every student of Seikei is required to take 16 credits of foreign-language study, usually 10 units in English and six units in another language. First-year students must take English I (English Workout) and two English II classes: Readings in Social Issues and Writing: Structure and Style. Beginning in their second year, students choose a minimum of two additional courses from a wide-ranging set of English III courses, including academic presentation, current affairs, translation, regional studies, and business English. Many of our students register for additional English III courses after completing their basic foreign-language requirement.

The English Section is committed to excellence at every level, and strives hard to provide the highest standards of education for English. When Seikei’s students graduate, they enter a world that increasingly expects its international community to be able to demonstrate competence in the language. The English Section is dedicated to helping them to achieve that goal with accomplishment and confidence.