Faculty members may register themselves for the English@Seikei site, pending Sewanin approval. After using the login form to create an account with a valid e-mail address, you will receive a message with a verification link. Use the link to verify your e-mail address. Once the address has been verified (which may take a day or two), the Sewanin will activate your account and you will receive a message notifying you that you may now log in (your username will be whatever you put into the Last Name field). Should you need to re-register, simply repeat the process. Note that only Seikei faculty are permitted to register (we get a surprising number of hacking attempts; please use the email address we have on file), and accounts that remain inactive for a long period of time may be removed.

You are always welcome to write to the English Section Sewanin (Coordinator) directly, either by using the form accessible from the Faculty Menu after logging in or by addressing a regular e-mail message to "sewanin" "at" "seikeienglish-dot-com."

You are also invited to share any classroom materials you have found useful and submit any Web links you think might be helpful for Japanese students of English. Web links may now be submitted directly (these may be edited later); other materials should be sent to the Sewanin as e-mail attachments.